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Deformer transforms images through a collection of visual tools
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9 April 2007

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We all have seen and few of us must have used the varied image enhancing applications that provide tools to brighten up existing images and even provides the controls to modify it according to requirements to make it look better. However, sometimes images need to be distorted for requirements, especially for comical effects that are intended for fun and light entertainment. Usually, this warped imagery is used in comic books or cartoon strips in newspapers or magazines or simply for fun that we would like to play with. Deformed heads and enlarged torso or simply putting up animated limbs are just few examples of using distorted pictures. Deformer 2.0 is an application that is utilized for creating such deformed images in real time and offers some nice tools to play around with.

Deformer upon launch opens with a vibrantly designed interface in bright hues that have the chief options placed intuitively across the screen. The program is extremely user friendly with controls that can be used easily to distort portraits and insert animation in real time. The program consists of a host of tools for visual deformation like hammers, hooks, brushes etc. that help in applying numerous effects onto the images with a mouse drag procedure to any image that can be imported from hard disk or TWAIN-compliant device. The distorted images can be converted to animation as well by placing on a filmstrip and can be exported to AVI or animated GIF file. The saved files can have other animation effects as well that be suitably modified and altered as desired.

To conclude, Deformer 2.0 certainly is a novel application to reckon with owing to its unique and simple working that can promise some harmless fun and hence it gets a rating score of four points for its impressive performance.

Publisher's description

Deformer v.2.0 - application for image transformation and animation in real time. Deformer comes with a collection of visual deformation tools: hooks, hammers, drills, brushes, etc. You can easily apply deformations with simple mouse drag to any image imported from hard disk or TWAIN-compliant device. Deformed images can be placed on virtual filmstrip and converted to animation. Animation can be previewed on screen and exported to AVI, file sequence, or animated GIF. All deformations and animation playback run in real time. New in version 2.0: Export of animated GIFs Save/Print file sequences Save output of arbitrary resolution Additional file formats supported (FlashPix, PNG, PSD) Enlarged work area Interpolated animation playback Global effects 28 additional real-time deformation tools Ability to apply stored project to the picture and to load new picture into the project Compression of animation projects Control of interframe transition length
Version 2.0
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